Digging of a well with a small diameter of 0.9 meter diameter

We use a well fan which allows us to dig deeper than others. It is used to bring fresh air in the well.

Wells can be dug in almost any kind of soils with simple tools.Advantages compared to drilled wells;

Large storage capacity so good inareas with poor aquifers. (Water flowsin at night and taken out in the day)
If completed with a well cover, apronseal and pump, hand dug wells can deliver safe water

Disadvantages compared to drilling

Can only go in the first shallow aquifers so limited to suitable areas.

Digging often limited to dry season, waiting for the lowest water level.

Shallow water layers are more often contaminated than deeper layers

More difficult to make a good seal to avoid surface water to enter the well.


Depth in range of 1 to 30 meters deep and well diameters of 0.8 to 3 meters

In soft layers lining is important to avoid collapsing

Water lifted by a rope and bucket, windlass, pumps like Mark 5, Canzee, Rope pump.

Cost depends on soil type, well depth and diameter of the well.