When a well dries up in the dry season it  can be made deeper with the so called Underlining method. With bricks or blocks one ring is made. A next ring is made underneath so the first ring stays in place.(does not go down like cement rings)  In this way the well can be made  deeper without collapsing

Advantages compared to cement rings

  • No need for transport of moulds or   cement rings
  • Can be made with local bricks or cement blocks
  • Can be made in any diameter well
  • In most cases cheaper

Disadvantages compared to cement rings:

  • If rings are available it takes more time
  • Only possible until the water layer .(can go on when water is pumped out or taken out with buckets)
  • Need high quality bricks, so bricks do not crumble in water over time


  • Under lining need to be made with good quality (high temperature burnt) bricks
  • No need to put cement between the brick layers, just a bit in the corners
  • Can be installed in any size of well